About Ethiopian Virtual

Ethiopian Virtual is one of the first virtual airlines whose purpose is to allow pilots explore the Continent of Africa. As pilots progress through our ranks, they will be able to unlock new aircraft, routes, and ultimately adventures. We are unique in that we offer the ability to fly passengers while also offering cargo routes. The benefit? Doing in one VA what you would need two different virtual airlines to accomplish.


Ethiopian Virtual utilizes Discord as our main source of communication amongst our virtual airline. Discord allows our staff to connect with our pilots and facilitates the growth of relationships between all members of our VA. Our Discord server will act as our pilot's main hub concerning all news and communication with the VA. New members will be invited to our Discord server once their application is processed and they are accepted. Ethiopian Virtual Application


Ethiopian Virtual operates one of the most modern and expansive fleets of any virtual airline currently operating in Infinite Flight. Since we are fortunate enough to offer both commercial and cargo aircraft, our entire fleet consists of a total of 7 in-game liveried aircraft. Our commercial division operates 5 of these aircraft while our cargo division accounts for the remaining 2 aircraft. Please see our fleet page for more information about our current fleet. Ethiopian Virtual Fleet


Ethiopian Virtual consists of 8 ranks:

Regardless of rank, members can fly any route on our Ethiopian Schedule.
    Recruit: 0-25 hours, gets access to 3 charter every day.
    Third Officer: 26-50 hours, gets access to 4 charters every day.
    Second officer: 51-100 hours, gets access to 5 charters every day.
    First Officer: 101-150 hours, gets access to 6 charters every day.
    Junior Captain: 151-200 hours, gets access to 7 charters every day, along with a 0.5x bonus per PIREP.
    Captain: 201-300 hours, gets access to 8 charters every day, along with a 1x bonus per PIREP.
    Senior Captain: 301-400 hours, gets access to 8 charters every day, along with a 1.5x bonus per PIREP.
    Chief Captain: 400+ hours, gets access to 8 charters every day, along with a 2x bonus per PIREP.