Ethiopian Virtual Awards

Welcome to the awards page! Below you will find the awards that Ethiopian Virtual offers our pilots.
ETVA Africa Tour Completion Awarded for finishing the ETVA Africa Tour!
Ethiopian Cargo Trust Award Awarded to members of Ethiopian Virtual that complete 20 or more Ethiopian Cargo Trust Routes.
Picture Of The Week You have provided a beautifull picture featuring our fleet and has lead your picture to be chosen as POTW. various gifts will be presented.
Staff Award Awarded to members who are current or prior staff.
Golden Eagle Award The Golden Eagle Award is highest award, bestowed to members of ETVA that have went above and beyond with everything they have ever done.
Pilot of the Month Awarded to the pilot of the month
IFATC Award This award is granted to pilots that join ETVA and are part of the IFATC team.
Pilot Wing Award This award is given to the pilots who passed all steps of the joining process and now are officially Ethiopian VA pilots.